Just Drive.  We’ll Do the Rest

Protect Your Home Value by maintaining appearances using our SmartWeb Inspection Module.  It’s as simple as driving around and pushing a button to notify friendly homeowners of your concern.  Best of all, its affordable and easy to use.

GPS Enabled Virtual Maps – GPS navigation makes it a breeze to pinpoint your exact location with color-coded house icons for each property to quickly identify open/closed violations.

Real-time Data with Status Indicators – Have access to all letters, pictures and notes at your fingertips.  Easily track statuses for a property or violation, such as bankruptcy, tenant, request for hearing, etc. A convenient color-coded triangle next to house icon is provided for quick status reference.

Automated Letters – Select the violation, click on the camera icon to snap a photo and our software will automatically create the letter with integrated picture. Press Save and the Letter is mailed the same day!

Detailed Reports – Provides a dashboard with charts, graphs, statistics, and percentages of violations for a comprehensive visual view of violation activity. You can also drill down to view letters, pictures, certified signatures anytime, anywhere.

Purchase CCR Enforcement Service Module Setup Your CCR Enforcement Module Download the Mobile Inspection App Hire a Community Inspector to Drive Through Perform Your Community Inspection Approve/Reject Que Violations
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