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The Treasurer

The Treasurer of the Association plays a very important executive role working hand in hand with the accountants.

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Accounts Payable Approval

We use triple verification when it comes to paying your bills.  Each day we will process all incoming bills to be paid, we image these bills as to keep a copy for 7 years and then code the bill to your general ledger before we send to your for your payment approval.  You will get a real-time email when an invoice has posted for your review and you will simply click the link provided to see the actual invoice and how we have coded the invoice for your approval.  You simply select approve or reject before it is sent to another board approver or the manager for a secondary approval.  Upon the second approval, our accountant takes another look before releasing the payment directly from the bank to your vendor.  Watch our training video below or login to the Payables Portal.

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