Workflow Setup

Setup Your Inspection and Covenant Enforcement Module

Community Inspections and Covenant Enforcements are performed with a visual inspection software by Smartwebs that is integrated into our central database for unit/owner level recordkeeping. The software is synchronized with our mailing services and email notification database.

The Setup Process starts with providing our programmers a complete list of violations you will be looking for (Violation Types Worksheet).  This list should have a Title, a CCR/Rule Reference, indicate a required action/instruction, provide a compliance duration period and then the basis.  Here is an example :

Routine Landscape Needed

CCR/Rule Reference:  
CCR Article 5, Section 7
Please mow, trim and edge on a regular basis. All turf shall be maintained and irrigated to present a healthy and attractive appearance at all times.  Weeds and pests shalPlease mow/maintain your vacant lot. All lot grass/vegetation shall be kept to a maximum height of 8” or less (actual service frequency may vary as necessary to maintain the turf height standard).  No vegetation should be allowed overgrow a hard surface area (keep lot edged), debris removed at all times, trees maintained to not encroach over lot lines and silt contained.  Recommend service every 2 weeks from April through September, then monthly from October through March.l be controlled routinely.   All turf shall never exceed 8″ in height and all abutting hard surfaces edged so that vegetation does not grow over the edge at any time.

14 days


You will provide this information for every violation type you wish to enforce.  The inspection tool will allow you to take a photo and input a note when creating the violation.

Download the Setup Spreadsheet

Setup your Workflow

Now that you have completed the Violation Types, we need to define up to (6) stages/sequences for the enforcement of the violation.  Stage 0 is hold with no action allowing you to monitor a particular property without sending any notices (think of it as a placeholder).

Complete this form to tell us what letter template you desire for each stage, how you want the neighbor to be informed and if you wish to issue a fine with the notice.

Here is a sample workflow:

Violation Workflow


[wufoo username=”mhspns” formhash=”z1wb8e2r02bnx17″ autoresize=”true” height=”2358″ header=”show” ssl=”true”] Review the Template Letters


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